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Who to See about Business in Cuba?

This week’s LABJ features Chambers of Commerce visiting Cuba, a trend set by Consensus Inc. last fall when we took the LA Chamber and CCA to Cuba, the first business groups to visit there under the new people-to-people license issued by the U.S. Treasury.  Since then dozens have followed our lead. If you’re looking for a program tailored to your interests with insight into the new Cuban economy and how your company may eventually do business there, we’re your team – with renowned Cuba business and trade expert, Kirby Jones, strategic counselor to Consensus Inc. Described by Newsweek as having “better contacts in Cuba than any other American,” and by The New York Times as the “man to see about business in Cuba,” Kirby’s been going to Cuba since 1974 and has consulted to hundreds of U.S. corporations and organizations interested in pursuing business there. That’s almost 40 years of experience and relationships in Cuba. 

 A new economy there is indeed being born; a genuine Cuban private business sector is emerging; reforms have been made in taxation, production, business, and agriculture; foreign investment is being expanded and strongly encouraged.  More than 500 companies from around the world have representatives in Cuba and more than 240 joint ventures are being carried out in energy and oil exploration, real estate development, port construction and management, biotechnology, tourism facilities, agribusiness, telecommunications and IT, cosmetics, beer production, and financial services. So if you would like us to introduce you to the country and explore the possibilities, call or email me.

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