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The “Can You Ditch Technology Challenge"

Image via Huffington PostI love technology. Probably more than most people I know. But it’s starting to get on my nerves.

According to a recent study, “58 percent of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least every hour -- and a large share check their phones while in bed or in the bathroom.” Guilty.

So why am I so annoyed by technology if I’m just as guilty as anyone else? I’m guessing it’s because we’ve all been on the receiving end of someone who’s become “too connected.”

Ever been ignored at a dinner with a friend? Had someone tell you to hold on while they checked their Facebook page? Giving your point of view during a meeting full of heads bent over the mobile phones?

Some sad news reported by Huffington Post:

  • When at a meal with someone else, 30 percent of participants say they check their phones

  • Think that's bad? Forty percent check their phones on the toilet (no wonder people drop their phones in the toilet)

  • When driving, 24 percent admit to checking their phones (this one’s sooo bad)

  • During a religious service at a house of worship, 9 percent of participants check their phones (SMH at this one)

  • 54 percent of people surveyed check their phone "while lying in bed" -- in the middle of the night, before going to bed, or as soon as they wake up (guilty again)

This week I’ll be heading up the California coast on a much needed vacation with my boyfriend. With about 12 mobile devices between the two of us I’m instituting a challenge to all us travelers about to embark on summer vacations with your families and loved ones: disconnect for at least half a day each day. Can we do it without the help of the iPhone’s upcoming Do Not Disturb feature? Stay tuned and share your own experience.

(And if you’re kayaking and drop your phone in the ocean we want to hear about that too.)

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